The Walway name first appeared in 1932, when William B. Walker Jr, Grandfather to the current owner, founded Walway Company. Walway Company experienced a great deal of success for over 50 years under the direction of the Walker family.
In 1973, the Grandson, William (Spike) Walker ventured out on his own and established a new metal stamping company in the Novi, Michigan area. Through Mr. Walker’s guidance, and his building of an expert team, the company grew to include 5 facilities with over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The 5 facilities allowed the company to provide full service to their customers through stamping, welding, assembly, E-coat, and tool & die capabilities. The team managed 800 small to medium sized brackets run through presses ranging from 60 to 1300 tons. For 26 years, the company maintained a top Tier 1 supplier position to the major OEM market. Mr. Walker retired after the sale of his company in 1999.

In 2002, Mr. Walker came out of retirement and re-introduced the Walway name to the manufacturing world. Walway Enterprises, Inc. was established in Zeeland, Michigan with many members of his previous management staff able to come on board. Operating under the direction of the Walker family, and a host of talented former employees led by Todd Deal, Walway was able to experience substantial success in its early years of operation. Much of this success can be attributed to the emphasis that we have put on customer service and creating relationships with our customers. Relationships that were built with previously established customers and former competitors helped us greatly in our early successes.

Atlantic Tool & Die is part of Walway’s corporate development. As a division, Atlantic Tool & Die not only services the tooling requirements of Walway, but supports a large external customer base as well. This has been accomplished by obtaining what is widely considered some of the top tool making experience in West Michigan. Top tool makers, the latest design software, and state of the art tool fabricating equipment, have blended to place Atlantic Tool & Die among the leading tooling facilities in Western Michigan.

In the spring of 2004, we began renovating the 95,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Holland, Michigan, where we currently reside. Atlantic Tool & Die is located in a 10,000 square foot tooling facility built on the property behind Walway Enterprises, Inc.
After obtaining certification to QS-9000 for Walway Enterprises, Inc., and QS-9000 with the TE Supplement for Atlantic Tool & Die within the first 11 months of operation, we upgraded our certification to TS-16949 in August of 2005.
As the needs of the automotive, furniture, and other non-automotive industries continue to change, so too shall we change our processes to meet these needs. Our versatility will allow us to remain competitive in the growing industries that we serve, which currently include: automotive, tractor trailer, heating & cooling, farm equipment, furniture, lighting, appliances, etc.